Turk Arabians

Las Vegas, New Mexico

For this project, the clients' sense of priorities placed the equestrian portion of the design as the most important part of the project, with the house following in a second phase. Conron & Woods created a master plan for the entire facility providing a majestic space for training and caring for the owners' horses as well as those of others. Central to the facility is a large barn structure containing stalls, tack and storage rooms, office space, as well as wash rack and grooming areas.

This finely detailed design elevates the traditional building style and an elegant mix of barn-inspired features is carried through the design of the house as well. Simple, well-placed windows make this dually traditional and contemporary space glow with daylight. Polished concrete floors combine modern simplicity with an echo of organic finishes from an earlier day. Vast trusses carry the eye up to appreciate the size and proportion of the interior spaces. The completed project offers a combined set of beautiful, practical, and comfortable spaces reflecting the site and the values and priorities of its owners.