Manuel Lujan Sr. Building Renovation

Santa Fe, New Mexico

This State-owned building, long the home of Taxation & Revenue, was originally designed as a data center. Today, more than 35 years since its original construction, the building is in need of a major renovation. A 2009 State- commissioned engineering study revealed that the building had tremendous potential for renewal. Though many building systems are original and in need of replacement, the post-tension concrete structure is remarkable robust and in many ways like new.

Conron & Woods, working with AI Engineers, has developed an integrated design, providing the building with entirely new systems, dramatically more efficient than the existing equipment, and reconceiving the work areas to create a more light-filled, healthy and productive atmosphere. The building's entrance and customer service area have also been redesigned, making it easier and more welcoming for taxpayers and other agency visitors.

The State's decision to renew this building is a notable exercise in building recycling. Many public owners have aging buildings which suffer from outdated systems and configurations, and sometimes choose to abandon or raze such buildings, when in fact the structures may still have great inherent value. The Lujan project illustrates an owner's practical decision to capitalize on the strengths of the building and to recognize its potential when paired with up-to-date equipment and furnishings. The Lujan project will seek LEED Silver certification.

Construction is under way and is expected to be complete at the beginning of 2014.